• 8 to 9th Grade Transitions Start!          HIGH SCHOOL HERE WE COME!

    Parents and Guardians of 8th graders should look closely at the High School materials being shared with your students this month. We begin our presentation about the academic transition to high school the week of January 22- 25. Students will be receiving the High School Course Program of Studies Booklets a week earlier, January 14- 18,  with a pink sheet listing possible elective courses.  Students will be bringing home a copy of their Recommendation Form for all academic classes as well.  

    Any questions should be directed to your community counselor!  


    2019-2020 GCHS Program of Studies 




    ELECTIVE CHOICE Information for Students 


    Students not in LOTE will take Career Exploration and Financial Management plus 3 other elective classes. 

    Students taking LOTE will add 2 elective class choices.  


    Dual Credit Classes + 



    Business Cinema +                       

    Microsoft Applications +            

    Career Exploration and Financial Literacy +   



    Design and Drawing for Production + ( 1 full Credit)                            

    Construction Systems  

    Electricity/Electronics +  


    Family and Consumer Science 

    Intro to Culinary Arts I  

    Intro to Culinary Arts II  

    Creative Design for Home and Fashion   



    Band 9-10  

    Mixed Chorus  

    Band/Chorus 9-10   



    Studio Art 1 +  ( 1 Full Credit)   

    Computer Graphics and Animation +  

    Digital Photography  









    8th Grade Parent and Student Evening at GCHS:  

    May 1: 8th to 9th Transition Evening for Parents @ GCHS with TOURS  

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Counseling Department Lessons

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