Rules and Proceedures

  • 1.     BE IN CLASS ON TIME

    a)      get your portfolio immediately

    b)      answer your journal question (do that right away)


    2.     BE PREPARED

    a)      bring a pencil (keep 1-2 in your portfolio)

    b)      b) bring necessary materials (ex. reference materials, projects)

    c)      hand things in ON TIME!



    a)      work on art work only

    b)      keep socializing in check


    4.     BE RESPECTFUL

    a)      listen while teacher is talking (I should only have to say, “may I have your attention please” to get you attention)

    b)      listen while other are speaking

    c)      raise hand if you need help, or have a question

    d)      keep voice at a 2-3 level on a scale of 1-10 during work time

    e)      only make constructive criticism or positive comments towards each other’s work

    f)       do not touch or disturb other artwork that is in the room, portfolios, displays, etc.



    a)      clean up all the supplies that you used

    b)      put supplies back in the proper location

    c)      put portfolios away

    d)      wipe of tables and counters

    e)      put art work away

    f)       straighten tables

    g)      push chair in before leaving