• General Class InformationGeneral Class Information

    Mrs. Swanson’s Class

    Grading -   Exercises – count once

                       Projects – count twice (double grade)

                       Tests – Count twice (double grade)

                        Participation grade - (20 pts. per day)-                                 

    1. a)being prepared
    2. b)being on time
    3. c)participating in class
    4. d)attitude and behavior
    5. e)effort


    Due Dates – In class due date – This date will be the last day in class that we be working on a specific project. After this date you will need to come in and work on your project or take it home to finish

    Final due date -  Apx. 4-5 days after the in class due date.  This is the last day to hand in a project.


    (hint:  use your class time wisely and there should be no reason not to make the in class due date)


    if there is a problem with fulfilling a due date you must see me individually and we will work something out. 


    Make up tests and quizzes – If you are absent on a day of a quiz or test, you have three days from the day you return, to make it up.


    ATTENDANCE IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT: You are given class time to work on your projects…


    Journals – There will be one question a day that you will be expected to write down and answer in your journal. These questions go along with the unit that we are working on.  These are graded on a bi-weekly basis (if you do them, they will help your average, if you don’t do them…..). 

    Sketchbooks - are required for most classes