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    Service Club

    The Gates Chili Service Club started 35 years ago with a group of 15 students and Mrs. Schaefer as an advisor.  Since then, we have grown to over 100 members with apx. 7 advisors (give or take depending on the year and activity..it is all on a voluntary basis).  Our main objective is to raise money to help needy families in our area.  Students raise the money as well as shop for and deliver to hundreds of families throughout the year.  Service Club also participates in activities at the Mary Cariola Children's Center (a school for disabled children).  Our goal here is to bridge the gap between teenagers and physically/mentally challenged children.    Students give these children parties and carnivals and build relationships with kids who may not always get positive attention due to their disabilities. Students who are in Service Club also have the opportunity to participate in activities to help animal shelters, Special Olympics, Make a Difference Day, senior citizens etc.                                                                                                              We hope to educate our students in the value of giving.  We hope to show them the rewards that are achieved by being a good person and that helping others is immeasurable.  Leadership, responsibility, organization, team work and various other skills are practiced and expected when being a member of this club.

    Service Club Activities

    Advisors for 2008-2009:

    Mrs. Knapp

    Mrs. Braun

    Mrs. Marques

    Mrs. Wood

    Mrs. Anthony

    Ms. Swanson