Parent info - Mrs. Smith's expectations

  • Mrs. Smith’s expectations and student information


    GRADING- A student’s average will be calculated as follows:

                    25% Homework

                    25% Lab

                    50% Test/Quiz


    Late homework will NOT be accepted unless there was an absence or family emergency.  Homework is due at the beginning of the period. Students can earn extra credit and freebies using the Pocket Points app.

    LABS – Students must have 1200 minutes of successfully completed labs to take the regents exam in June.  DO NOT be absent on lab day, if so make it up ASAP before equipment is put away.  Some labs are required by the state. 


    ABSENCES- Students are responsible for seeing me to get the work that they missed.   If students know in advance that they will be absent they should get the work before they go.  If a student will be absent for an extended period please request homework through guidance.


    BEHAVIOR – Students will behave as instructed in the handbook.  Respect for yourself, your peers and your teacher are a must.


    EXTRA HELP – Ask questions

                                    See me after class

                                    See me before or after school

                                    On a limited basis other arrangements can be made


    MATERIALS NEEDED – 3 ring binder or sturdy folder

                                                    Pen and pencil


                                                    Text book


                                                    Completed homework that the student did

                                                    Reference tables