Grading Policy

  • Grades! Grades! Grades!       

    Although education exceeds grades, you still want to monitor you academic growth and progress.  Grades are measurement of that growth and performance in class.  My grading policy is simple. Each and every day you are evaluated and assessed on different criteria.  Grades are given through a point system. For example, an essay may be graded out of 60 points, resulting in a 58/60 grade.  Grades are then converted to percentages at the end of the marking period. I encourage you to check in with me if you are concerned with your grade well before the end of a marking period. You start off with 100% and it is your responsibility to maintain this grade through hard work and responsibility.

    Categories of Grading:

    • Participation/Classwork
    • Preparation/Homework
    • Essays/Projects
    • Tests/Quizzes