Daily Procedures

  • Beginning of Class Procedure

    • Students will enter the classroom before the bell rings, take out all English materials including their Journal, and take a seat (quietly!) by the time the bell rings.

    End of Class Procedure

    • Students will work until they are instructed by the teacher to end the activity.  Students will clean up, put away any classroom materials and return desks to appropriate places before they leave.  Students will wait to pack up materials and leave the classroom until instructed to do so. Students will remain in their seats until the bell rings (no lining up!). 

    Bathroom Procedure

    • Students will be given four Privilege Passes for the marking period that can be used as a bathroom privilege when needed. These passes will not be allowed during the first and last ten minutes of class.

    Homework Procedure

    • Students will complete homework and hand it in on the appropriate due date. Homework will be handed in when instructed to the corresponding bin.

    Teacher Signal Procedure

    • Students will wait for completed instructions before they begin an assigned task (either independent or cooperative).  Students will be informed of the teacher signal that will cue the students to stop task and listen for the next instruction.

    Listening Procedure

    • Students will show they are listening by looking at the speaker without any excess activity (e.g. writing, drawing, talking, and sleeping).

    Asking and Answering Questions Procedure

    • Students will participate by sharing questions, answers, and comments related to instruction.  Students will raise hands when answering questions, asking questions, and making comments, and will wait to speak until they are called on.  Students will use positive and encouraging language toward each other’s thoughts and ideas.

    Tardy Procedure

    • Students will enter the room quietly without causing disruption, sign in at the late notebook, give pass to teacher/aide, and take a seat.  When teacher is done speaking or giving instruction/directions, tardy student will ask a neighbor what he or she missed.  Three tardies = Detention.

    Absence Procedure

    • Students will have one week to complete missed work due to absence (subject to alteration due to extreme circumstances).  Students will use website to see what classwork and homework was missed during their absence. It is the responsibility of the student to make up missed work. Students can sign up for 9th period assistance if they wish to receive extra help.

    Cooperative Learning Procedure

    • When students work in cooperative groups they will listen to directions.  Upon teacher signal, students will move to their group members and move desks so that they are sitting face-to-face.  Students will be responsible for individual roles in the group and will stay on task, talking only about the assigned work.

    Preparation Procedure

    • Students will arrive to class with paper, pen/pencil, homework, and any other currently required materials listed on the door when they walk into the classroom.  If students are unprepared they must borrow materials from a classmate or quietly get paper or borrow a writing utensil.

    After School Procedure

    • Students will sign-up on the “After School Help” sheet posted in the front of the room.  It is the student’s responsibility to schedule days after school to make-up work or get extra assistance.  Students will indicate a cancellation if they are unable to attend.  Students will arrive at the bell for 9th period and bring English materials.

    Materials Procedure

    • Students will treat classroom materials with respect.  Students will wait until teacher signal to use materials.  Students will pick up and return all materials to appropriate place in the room before they leave.  If desks have been moved, students will return desks to rows upon exit.