Classroom Rules Explained

  • The behaviors that demonstrates successful adherence to my three classroom rules are listed below.  This portion of my website is meant to show you what it looks like when a student is successfully following the three classroom rules!

    Rule #1: Respect peers, teachers, and the classroom.

    Student Behaviors

    • Students will raise hands in order to speak.
    • Students will use only positive language when talking to each other.
    • Students will listen when other students and teachers are talking.
    • Students will volunteer to read or share ideas.
    • Students will demonstrate appropriate behavior at all times.
    • Students will take care of and return materials used in the classroom.


    Rule #2: Be responsible and accountable for your success.


    Student Behaviors

    • Students will hand in their homework.
    • Students will complete and hand in class work.
    • Students will complete their assigned roles during cooperative learning.
    • Students will self-advocate for help after school or during class.
    • Students will arrive to class on time.
    • Students will be aware of their approximate grade.
    • Students will sit at desk with head up.


    Rule #3: Be organized and prepared for class.


    Student Behaviors

    • Students will hand in all assignments to the appropriate classroom bin.
    • Students will file all returned papers to the appropriate section of their binder.
    • Students will come to class prepared with materials.