English 11

  • Course Description: This year we will be working on our speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills.  These skills are extremely important when entering college and the “real world” after graduation.  If we work together this year, learn from each other, put forth our best effort each day, and even have a little fun (J) we will be able to meet our class objectives and have a successful year.



    Class Objectives:

    • Students and teacher will create a safe and comfortable environment of respect. 
    • Student engage in active reading strategies to improve reading and comprehension skills. 
    • Students will learn reading techniques to improve reading and comprehension skills.
    • Students will improve writing skills and practice the writing process.
    • Students will be able to comfortably voice opinions, ideas, and thoughts in a respectful manner.
    • Students will practice useful listening strategies to help with comprehension.
    • Each student will discover an aspect of English in which he or she can excel.


    Units of Study: (including, but not limited to…)

                            Essay Writing           

                            Short Stories

                            Tuesdays With Morrie (by Mitch Albom)

                            Professional Portfolio

                            The Crucible (by Arthur Miller)

                            Running Loose (by Chris Crutcher)