Homework Policy

  • Homework Policy for all science classes, Regents and electives will consistently follow a NO LATE work policy. Since homework is not assigned nightly, the expectation is that the one or two assignments per week are completed in a timely manner and completed independently.

    In addition please, remember:

    • Completed homework for full credit is with you at the start of class. If you need to get it from your locker or it's in another folder then it is considered late. Please have your completed homework out on your desk during the warm-up, and you are ready to go!!!


    • If you are legitimately absent or have extenuating circumstances, you will always have extra time to make up work. I will place work in the class folder, but will not chase you down to give you missed work. It is YOUR responsibility to get what you missed if you were absent. Once you do, I will help in any way I can to get you caught up.


    • Labs and projects may also require time outside of class. Please hand those items in following the same guidelines