Classroom Expectations

  • As we work toward creating a community of science learners in the classroom there are a few expectations of all students coming into class which will help us all to achieve science success.

    1. Be organized and prepared for class. What does that look like?

    • Having your required materials with you each time you come in (i.e.-something to write with, completed homework, binder, and any other materials needed). I will always let you know ahead of time if there is something additional that you will need for class.
    • Organization is something that many of us struggle with in our busy lives. Work on getting materials in the proper section of your binder and or easily accessible in your locker so you will have no problem getting right to the science when you come in. If you need help with organization, come see me after school and we can think of some helpful ways to keep you on track throughout the year.
    • Be on time to class. This is of utmost importance!!! Please remember that the state of New York tells us what things we need to cover throughout the year. If you are late or unprepared you will be missing important information that could affect you later on as you approach state tests or move on to the high school.

    2. Follow the Spartan Way...Every day!!! What does that look like?

    • Be Respectful- Being respectful in the classroom means that we understand and accept that everyone comes into the class with different backgrounds, goals, and beliefs. We show others that we respect them by listening when appropriate, being helpful and courteous to others, never putting others down or making them feel left out, and recognizing that each one of us has something to contribute to the class. We all make a difference!!!!
    • Be Responsible- Being responsible means demonstrating all the expectations outlined in this first section (being on time, being organized and prepared, etc.)
    • Work Hard- When you show hard work in the classroom, I should see that you are staying on task either alone or with a group, you don't give up if something seems too hard, you ask for help when you need it, and you do your best to help classmates if they are having a hard time with something we are working on.
    • Show Compassion- Compassion means showing that you care about others. Not everyday will always be your best day. Be considerate if someone is having a bad day, and show that you are willing to help. We've all forgotten to eat breakfast, left our homework at home, or had a losing sports game. Hey, it's ok. Just remember, we've all been there and when you see a classmate who needs a hand or a friendly smile be a true Spartan and show you care!!!

    3. Practice science safety in class and in lab. What does that look like?

    • You will encounter many labs and activities that will require the use of microscopes, heating devices, glassware, and chemicals. It is of utmost importance that you remember lab safety guidelines. If you are asked to wear goggles or other protective materials they must be on at all times until your teacher tells you to remove them (yes, even if they do look silly!!). Fooling around or being silly at inappropriate times will not be tolerated. If you are off-task during lab and not being mindful of safety, you will be asked to leave, and a phone call home will be made. Please be safe so you can have fun!!!


The Spartan Way, Every Day!!!