• Concert Attire


    Advanced Mixed Chorus at a March 2004 concert


    Concert Outfit Policy


    The singers in the Advanced Choirs at Gates Chili High School wear a concert uniform for the duration of their time enrolled in choir.  For women in Concert Choir, the uniforms consist of a  short-sleeved blouse, a floor length black skirt and a cummerbund; all of which are machine washable.  For the men the outfit is a white long sleeved tux shirt, black dress pants and a bow tie and cummerbund; also machine washable. 

    New students to the advanced ensembles are measured and fitted for these uniforms early in September. The outfits are numbered in order to help us keep accurate records and the students are allowed to keep the outifts at home.  It is their responsibility to keep the outfit washed and in good shape throughout the year(s). 

    Upon graduation, or the student's departure from the GCHS choral music program, the student is expected to return the outfit to the school. These outfits are recycled and periodically replenished with new stock.