• Brought to you by Mrs. Bernas Welcome to Mrs. Bernas' web-pages.  Included, you will find information about Health Education, Advanced Health, Physical Health and Wellness and various health related activities happening in our school!


    This coming school year, I will be teaching Health Education, Physical health and Wellness and Advanced Health.  Health is a state-mandated course needed for graduation.  It is one semester long and is worth .5 credits.  Physical Health and Wellness is a new elective offering which explores the various elements of physical health and encourages wellness.  Advanced Health is an elective designed to expand on health topics by projects that explore current health issues.

    The high school instructional program is designed with interdisciplinary elements.  Goals of our Health program include:

    • to provide students with health related knowledge and skills
    • to develop attitudes fostering a desire to pursue healthy living
    • to provide opportunities and guidance to enable students to make healthy decisions
    • to encourage students to establish behavioral patterns for healthy life-styles

    Please take a moment to explore my site.  You will learn more about me, our classes and our pursuit of healthy living!