Music with Mrs. Daniel and Mrs. Zito , updated March 20, 2019

  •        Choral/General Music and Instrumental News
     This year I am directing the band, teaching all instrumental lessons, and classroom music for grades 4 and 5.  Leanne Zito, our part time music teacher has grades k-3.  Amanda Varrone, a Brasser Parent is directing the chorus.  
    Concert Dates for Next Year:  
    January 22, 2020   Band and Chorus at Brasser,  6:30 and 7:15 starting times                   
    May 6th  Brasser Chorus in the Florence Brasser Gym 7:00 pm.   
    May 13th, Brasser Band in the Florence Brasser Gym, 7:00 pm.
    Chorus News:
    Chorus practices once a week after school.  Late Busses are provided.   Day TBA
    Band News:
    Band is always Tuesdays/Thursdays before school.   Doors open at 7:40 am.   Practice starts at 8:05 am

    This Spring,  3rd Graders will be trying instruments for next fall!

    Here are my recruitment steps:
    1.  Students see an instrument presentation in general music. 
    2.  Students will choose their top three choices based on the presentation
    3.  Students will come down in small groups to the stage and try out instruments.
    4.  A letter will go home giving one or two choices based on the instrument petting zoo.
    5.  Parents sign a permission slip to join the program if they choose and have the summer to acquire an instrument.
    6.  Lessons will start early September.
    If you would like to visit my site on youtube for music and other activities,


     I have many recordings for my instrumental students to use on this teacher website.  See the menu on the left side for recordings for each instrument.

    My extension at school is X51026.  The best way to contact me is

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