Mrs. Mini's Health Teaching

  • Welcome to the Health Teacher web page!


    It is hoped that within these pages you will find all the necessary information you will need to keep you up to date with what Brasser students are being taught in their health classes. A variety of methods are used to get the message across to our students that maintaining their health is vital to achieving BALANCE and enjoying all life has to offer. Assembly programs, guest speakers, hands-on classroom experiences, computer programs and videos are some of the "tools" used to convey this important message.


    It is emphasized that even young children have CHOICES in the amount of exercise they engage in, the amount of sleep they get, and the type of foods they eat. In our Second Step classes children are taught to understand that they have CHOICES -  in their behaviors, how they go about solving problems, and how they manage their emotions.  We use a curriculum called Second Step to help reinforce these concepts.

    Please do not hesitate to call me at 247-4660 or email me if you have any health or health curriculum related concerns or questions.