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Gates Chili High School

April 2015


Dear Students, Parents/ Guardians,

I am very competitive person. I am competitive for myself and for my school.  Whether it be our Jazz Band being adjudicated at the Berkley School in Boston, our Model UN Team, DECA or the Football squad or Women’s Basketball team, we can and should be striving to be the best.

The NYS School Report Card for last year, 2013-14 was just released.   There is a lot of “good news” in the Report Card and there are some scores that have pushed my competitive spirit.

There is “good news” with our statistics for school attendance.  We are at a 95% annual attendance rate.  This is the same rate as two years ago.  There is a direct correlation between attendance and school success, so this is a critical statistic.  Currently our Sophomore Class continues to earn the best monthly attendance rates (94.68%).  However, we need to get serious during this final quarter about graduation rate.  Last year our graduation rate dipped 1% to 93%.  Even a small decline in the graduation rate is not good for our students and for our school reputation.

Our students completing Regents Examinations continue to perform at very high levels.  In 2014, we had 95% of all students pass (at a score of 65 or better) the Comprehensive ELA exam and the United States History exam!   Global History – 87% pass and Chemistry- 85% pass were not too far behind!  But we have some work ahead because when looking at the six core Regent’s examinations in math, science, ELA and history - three pass rates increased and three pass rates declined.  We can strive to do more and to do better.

Looking at annual test scores must not be the only way to measure student and school success.  But focusing on our GCHS students and their scores, over multiple years sets a target for success.  As a competitor, I always want to know what my target for success is.  As a competitor, I always want more and the best for our GCHS students. 

April is another busy month at GCHS.  The third marking period closes on Friday, April 10th.  The faculty and staff will have a conference day on April 27th and students will not attend school on that day.  April 29th is grade 8th to grade 9th Transition Night.  Please check out the calendar for our many athletic contests and choral concerts.  I know you will enjoy watching the best achieve and perform.


Dr. Hunter

Interim GCHS Principal


Interim Principal:  Jon Hunter, Ext. 21310

9th Grade Assistant Principal:  Kevin Whitmore, Ext. 21314

10th Grade TOSA: Richard Hartman, Ext. 21313

11th Grade Assistant Principal: Richard Pound, Ext. 21312

12th Grade Assistant Principal: Jennifer Kern, Ext. 21311

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the appropriate grade level office or click on the appropriate link below for specific class information.

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